SNP Genotyping for Cancer Research

SNP (Single Nucleotide Polymorphism) genotyping is a powerful technique that allows researchers to identify genetic variations that may be associated with cancer risk, progression, and treatment response. At Genet, we offer SNP genotyping services to support cancer research.

SNPs are genetic variations that occur when a single nucleotide base is different in the DNA sequence of different individuals. By analyzing SNPs in large populations, researchers can identify patterns of genetic variation that may be associated with cancer risk or outcome.

Our SNP genotyping services for cancer research include:

  • Targeted SNP genotyping: We can design custom SNP panels to genotype specific regions of the genome that are known to be relevant to cancer, such as genes involved in drug metabolism or tumor formation.
  • SNP validation: We can validate candidate SNPs identified in previous studies, to confirm their association with cancer risk or outcome.

At Genet, we use state-of-the-art SNP genotyping platforms and bioinformatics tools to provide accurate and reliable results. Our experienced team of scientists and clinicians can provide expert guidance on study design, sample preparation, data analysis, and interpretation.

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